Remember Why You Train

I believe in CrossFit we find ourselves losing the real purpose of why we train. We sometimes compare ourselves to others and fail to celebrate our little victories. If you find yourself questioning whether or not you should participate in the open, I offer you the story of my friend Robin.


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The Training Log

Let me start by saying - if you're not keeping a training log, you're losing out on a ton of potential improvement. I can't stress this enough, but a training log is CRITICAL to improving as an athlete. Not making any gains? Not losing weight? Feeling run down or injured?...

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Learning the Ropes

CrossFit Reflexion has been open about a month, and we're seeing a lot of new faces at the gym; our fitness family is growing! A huge thank you to everyone who has been bringing friends in to try out a week (free!) of CrossFit, or handing out flyers, or liking...

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