During the Rebuild phase the emphasis in programming is geared at developing the strength of the athletes. For x number of weeks members will be focusing on developing or improving foundational strength and moving safely and efficiently as athletes. Athletes will spend more time performing various strength movements while gaining necessary tissue at the joints of the body. This allows for traditional CrossFit movements to be performed safely and ultimately at intensity required to really challenge one’s capacity.


The Advance phase calls for a change of pace for all members and an increase in the overall volume. For x number of weeks the focus during this phase becomes taking the strength developed during the Rebuild phase and learning how to apply it to perform more work. This phase is where we develop horsepower. Members will be performing more difficult CrossFit movements at volume with an emphasis on moving safely and efficiently. This is where instruction and coaching become paramount in order to ensure athletes are developing good habits to move safely.


During the Arise phase the focus becomes improving capacity to perform the most amount of work in the least amount of time. Workouts during this phase will cover a various number of time domains all while maintaining intensity. If the workouts last too long generally intensity is lost as are the results. During the Arise phase we combine all of the traditional CrossFit movements into workouts and really develop as CrossFitters. This phase is where we gear up for the CrossFit open where we ultimately get to see how far we’ve come during the year.