Shawn is owner and founder of CrossFit Reflexion.

A multi-sport high school and collegiate athlete (he played football for Southern Oregon University), Shawn developed his passion for coaching, nutrition, and wellness as he experienced the benefits of CrossFit and sound nutrition personally, and for his family and friends. “People don’t believe me when I tell them I was a chunky kid, but it’s true. I vowed I would learn everything I could to become fit and healthy, a journey that continues today.”

Shawn is a firm believer in structured programming centered around strength and power, scaled to the abilities and conditioning of the individual.

“At CRX, we pride ourselves in intelligent programming, proper nutrition (this doesn’t mean we’re selling you stuff – we believe in whole foods) and rest.”

“I’m so proud of our athletes, they’ve made huge gains, and continue to make them. My job as coach and programmer is to monitor our athletes and make sure they’re making gains and seeing results. This is literally life changing for many people. I’m so thankful for being able to share my passion for wellness and see the differences we’re making in peoples lives.”


  • CrossFit Level II

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified

  • CrossFit Mobility Certified

Katherine played sports her whole life, with a main focus on basketball and softball. She found Crossfit shortly after playing collegiate softball. She found that going to a regular gym wasn’t motivating or giving her the desired results that she was looking for .

“I love how Crossfit challenges my inner competitive nature and helps push me to do things otherwise I might not have thought I could or possible”.

“I love the vast variety of ways Crossfit challenges the human body whether it be strength, olympic lifting, gymnastic skills, cardiovascular endurance, mental grit, and/or mobility demands” .

“I love the community and friendships that Crossfit has provided for me and the social outlet while getting a fantastic workout with others”.

” I also enjoy using Crossfit to supplement regular daily functional activities and fitness goals like triathlons, sports, and outdoor activities like snowboarding and mountain biking”.

She recently moved to on-call from my career as a Physical Therapist Assistant to focus on being a full time newly mother and to start coaching Crossfit. She loves encouraging and pushing others in their fitness journey and goals, while paying special attention to form, with a focus on preventing injury.


  • CrossFit Level I

  • NASM certified