What is CRx Black?

Welcome to CRx Black this additional programming is intended for those athletes who would like to perform better during the CrossFit open.

What is CRx Black?

CRx Black is a periodized addendum to the general programming at Reflexion. The programming found here is a part of a building program that will gradually increase the aerobic, gymnastic, and Olympic lifting capacity of those who follow it.

Who should do CRx Black?

Any athlete who would like to increase the skills and capacities that will be required to perform well during the open or anyone who would like to gradually improve skills with a little extra work.

When should people do CRx Black?

CRx Black is intended to be performed after the general programming and should be performed only if there is available space and time and will to be allowed during class time if the programmed activity is in the way of scheduled class. I.e. Conditioning can be done on the outside of class and would be allowed so long as the specific equipment is not being used by the class, don’t put the coach on duty in a position of having to ask you to move out of the way be considerate just ask ahead of time.

What if I can’t do the movements prescribed in CRx black?

Progressions for most all of the movements written inside CRx black will be available, we suggest following the progressions first in order to obtain the movement. The conditioning written can easily be adapted for most all people.

CRx Black is a little too easy for me should I scale up to get a better burn?

CRx Black is designed to improve anyones fitness in a progressive manner, the intensity of the workouts is set in order to improve people in a progressive manner. Changing the workouts means you are no longer following CRx Black you are now following YOUR OWN programming, do so at the risk of your own gains.

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