Change the way you see yourself! This tagline has been our creed since before we were an established CrossFit gym. What this means is our goal is to empower each and every one of you to make the necessary changes to achieve your personal goals whatever they may be. During our last training period we had an emphasis on developing the raw strength needed to power us in CrossFit. During this next training phase we aim to refine it and make it explosive. Welcome to the Advance period. This training period is about becoming powerful and in order to do so there are a few key points that we each need to remember. First and foremost “The magic is in the movement” meaning above all things we ask that you focus on how you are moving. Stay focused on the quality of movement making sure that your body is moving as efficiently as possible. Secondly always aim to push yourself into the uncomfortable realm, during a high intensity workout you are never going to catch your breath, these workouts are without oxygen in nature, it’s not coming back until you’re done. We encourage you to use manageable sets. Third and finally you will find during this phase that there are regular benchmarks that will enable us to identify whether you are improving or not. If we identify an area where improvements are not being made we will isolate the problem and help you move past them. If you have not taken the time to read the previous blog on goal setting please take a moment and do so. After you’ve read it please take a moment and write these goals up on the board for everyone to see. I have always been a fan of hard copy journals however I realize that digital is sometimes the way to go. Whether your method be hand-written or digital it’s most important that your results be written down primarily the reps, weights, and times. This is a very exciting time for all of us and we look forward to breaking plateaus and making each of you better.