What’s Your Goal?

Tomorrow marks the end of our long strength training phase, the Rebuild period. Here is where we get to see just how much clay we’ve added onto our statues and exactly what we have to work with in the next two phases. Some of you may have noticed the Goal boards posted in the far corner of the box. These boards are to be used for you to post 4 specific goals for the rest of the community to see. These goals will be there as a reminder of what you are training for and will aid you in staying focused as the community will support you and help keep you accountable. The 4 categories for the board are Strength, Mobility, Gymnastics, Oly, and Life. The strength category is simply for you to list a goal focused on getting one of your lifts stronger. The mobility goal should be focused on getting a rating of 3 in one of the 7 FMS (functional movement system) tests. The gymnastics goal should be dedicated to either learning a new gymnastics movement or increasing your capacity to perform a current gymnastics movement at capacity. The oly goal should be aimed at increasing one of the 3 Olympic lifts that we perform at the box. Finally the life category can be aimed at your choice of goal so long as it lends itself to creating a healthier overall version of You. Please keep in mind that if asked about the goals listed on the board that you should be able to answer the following questions about it using the acronym SCAMPI. What is the Specific goal? Why is it Challenging? What is your Approach going to be in order to get there (what’s your plan)? Is it Measurable? Is it Proximal (what’s your time frame)? Why is it Inspirational to you? Please keep in mind that these goals with the exception of the Inspirational goal should be kept under the 3 month (90 day) time limit, we want you focusing on the relative here and now. Please refer to the previous blog post for a more in-depth idea when considering these goals. Everyone should participate in writing their goals up, once a goal is completed we can cross it off and celebrate it as it should be. Here’s to an amazing year of making each of us better day by day.