A solid foundation

We are now several weeks into our strength cycle and I wanted to take a minute to clarify the purpose of having a focused strength program. With the exception of the deload weeks one would find that the conditioning portion of the days seem shorter and more intense. Taking a closer look one could also recognize that the metcon will always reinforce the movement pattern of the strength lift. Both of these details are crucial and by design, they aim to make possible one of the most important concepts in all of training: Recovery. The majority of us training have other day to day activities that we are obligated to, we simply do not have the necessary time to adequately recover for break-neck training cycles. Our training program is designed to allow for the average person to gradually build his or her performance and to successfully complete whatever tasks the day may bring. It would be very easy to program a 30-40 min grueling workout to accompany heavy squats or presses. In the moment one might honestly believe that they made headway toward improvement. The reality is that pairing strength training with brutally long and grinding workouts back to back does not create an environment for the body to get stronger. It’s important to remember that our program is cyclical, the metcons will change as will the emphasis of our training. I encourage you to embrace the strength cycle, focus on getting the necessary rest and mobility suggested while getting stronger. Take the time and Rebuild yourself, no where in history has anyone ever said, “I wish I wasn’t stronger.”