14.2 Results

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14.2 was a tough workout. Very skill oriented. It was fun to see something highly technical in the second workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open. When the workout was announced, we were concerned our athletes may struggle on the chest-to-bar portion of the workout. We were correct in this assessment. Still, it’s always nice to put data against our theories so we can truly seek out holes in our game. We do want to note that some of our athletes got their first C2B pull-up in 14.2 and we couldn’t be prouder of them and everyone at CrossFit Reflexion who continue to give it their all!

Now, let’s talk about what this chart means.

Taking the same sampling of boxes from last week, we see that CrossFit X-Factor and CrossFit Fort Vancouver essentially dominated the greater PDX region in 14.2. CRX landed in 3rd with a respectable 27% increase above the Northwest regional average. It is also fun to note that for the 2nd week in a row, many gyms in the greater PDX area have scored well above average for the region. Living in a metro area has its advantages! If you are a competitor you should start to realize that our local competitions are stacked with a fair amount of above average competitors. So think about that the next time you finish further down the leaderboard than you had hoped.

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The next chart deals specifically with CrossFit Reflexion and what percentage of our athletes made it to what round. In these types of workouts there always seems to be a bottleneck where few athletes have the skill and fitness level to break through to the next level. Looking at this chart, it seems that was the round of 14s. For many athletes completing the 14s was an extremely difficult task. Only 6% of the athletes in the Northwest region completed the 14s! Even more shocking, only 1% of athletes in the Northwest region completed the 16s. Lastly, 0.9% of NW regional athletes completed the 18s. That was 7 out of 7728 competitors who logged a score for 14.2. CrossFit Reflexion again performed above average, but 90% of our athletes were done at the 9 minute mark of this workout. 

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This chart is the break down of the average Men’s and Women’s scores per gym. Again, we kept it simple. We did not weight any averages. If a gym had more men or women competing in 14.2 we did not take that into account. We simply took the total score for gender and divided by the count for that gender. As far as CrossFit Reflexion goes, the data tells us we need to step up our chest-to-bar game. We will be making the appropriate adjustments in our programming to build the foundational strength and coordination in our members to rock the chest to bar next year.

Again, another great week from the athletes of CrossFit Reflexion. Very very few athletes had any issues with the over head squat movement. This was extremely impressive to see. Just like last week, let’s get ready for 14.3. Get sleep, get hydrated, get moblilized, see you this weekend!