Is the Program Working? (14.1 Results)

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In an effort to determine if Rebuild. Advance. Arise. is working, we wanted to take a quick moment to checkout how CrossFit Reflexion stacked up as a whole against other gyms in the area for this year’s open. Given that team scores include only the top 3 men and women, we wanted to take a broader picture by viewing all athletes of a given box. So, we pulled some data from the leader board and made a fancy chart.

The chart above shows the average amount of reps per athlete completed in 14.1 who are also registered at the given affiliate. We did not count those who signed up but failed to log a 14.1 score. In addition, while reconciling the data, we found some members who did log a score for their affiliate simply don’t show up on the leader board when paging through. We’re not exactly sure why this happens, but we did find that each one of these persons had a score that was well below average. So, we simply did not include them into the overall calculation.

What does this mean? For 14.1 we were impressed by how smooth everyone’s double-unders were and by how many of our members put together great performances for their current level. The data confirms these observations. CRX scored on average a 234 in 14.1. Which is a 13% increase over the NorthWest regional average of 207 reps. In addition, for boxes in the greater PDX area, CRX seems to stack up in a very competitive position for the gyms we included in this breakdown, only bested by CrossFit X-Factor. A message to other boxes, if you want us to include you, send us a message and we’ll be happy to edit our chart.

It will be interesting to see what 14.2 brings, how the open will progress, and how CRX will continue to stack up. Let’s get ready for this weekend and continue performing as well as last week! It’s not just the team scorers or individual regional competitors that matter. Everyone who contributes is a testament of the program. Get hydrated, sleep well, mobilize. See you this weekend.