Hay is in the Barn, Now What?

You’ve been working towards this since last year. The 2013 Open is upon us. No more waiting, no more wondering what 13.1 is going to be (we know). It’s time to show that all that sweat, effort, sacrifice and discipline will have been worth it – because you guys are going to rock the Open.

I and the rest of the CFRx coaching staff are so impressed with your dedication and the successes you’re having. You’ve been following the programming, doing your CRX work, following our nutrition program, and it shows.

So, what now? Going into the Open you want to be sure to have all of your ducks in a row in regard to nutrition and rest and recovery. We talk about what that looks like during our training, and I’ll be putting together a handout on competition nutrition. See me at the box.

What else can you do? Range of motion and mobility training is crucial during the Open because it adds precious reps to your score and helps you come out of the workouts uninjured and able to recover more quickly.

I want all our athletes to focus on daily foam rolling, voodoo banding, mobility, stretching, and really emphasizing movement quality as you prepare for the Open WODs.  I can’t stress this enough, watch the top guns (Julie Foucher had a great 13.1) Notice how clean her movement is, even at the end of the 17 minutes. I am damn sure she and the rest of the sports best are working their movement quality every day.

What should you be doing?

  • Warm up lightly with some basic cardio (easy rowing or airdyne)
  • Foam roll, voodoo band, and use trigger point release with the lacross balls like we do in class.
  • dynamic stretching, (leg swings, arm swings, pass throughs, band stretching, etc.)
  • Hot tubbing, massage, bath salts (please don’t smoke ’em) , spoil yourself a bit.
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Several frequent short sessions a day are better than one long session every day or two.

Put your emphasis on the areas that are going to be tested by a given WOD. For 13.1 your shoulders are going to need all the TLC they can get. Work on making your range of motion like butter; no twinges, no aches, you want to feel loose and easy. You should feel confident in the movements that’ll be called upon in the WOD (like the external rotation needed for the snatches).  Be sure to do the same thing after the workout to help aid recovery for the next weeks workouts.

Remember, this isn’t a sprint, it’s a 5 week test. Lots of folks are going to go out like gang busters and overdo the first WOD or two, and crater afterwards. Don’t be that guy (or gal). We’re smarter than that. Do the work to stay healthy and supple through the Open. Your coaches are going to keep you at peak performance for the competition, work with us to keep your body healthy and moving great.

Most importantly, have fun! Celebrate how far you’ve come, and enjoy the test you’ve accepted.

– Shawn