You Can’t Get It All In One Day

Patience Grasshopper

With the 2013 Open 110 days away (not that we’re counting down or anything) I’ve been talking with a lot of our open hopefuls, and wanted to share something I’ve been telling them. You can’t get it all in one day.

The coaching staff at CrossFit Reflexion is seeing huge gains from all our athletes. Our members are  PR’ing, seeing their body fat go down, their lean mass go up, and are rocking their metcons, the rower and the airdyne. Yet, some of the folks making all these gains still aren’t happy. They want to be improving even faster. Journey, not Destination.

You hear it all the time, “focus on the little things.” In CrossFit the little things are progressive steps that lead to difficult feats such as a huge snatch or stringing 10  muscle ups. I think it’s important as athletes that we not only focus on the little things, but that we break those little things into “a little THING” at a time.  All too often we come into the gym and see fellow CrossFitters perform at elevated levels and start comparing ourselves to them. They weren’t born with the ability to do a solid snatch or a muscle up, they went through the necessary steps and progressions just like you’re doing now. That’s the beauty of CrossFit; we don’t have to be born athletes – we can be developed as athletes and be just as capable. Focus on one skill at a time while always developing functional base strength.

Be patient with yourself and remember to celebrate your little victories when you achieve them, then move on to the next victories. Remember this sport is about YOU and what YOU can do. The truth is that you have superpowers locked away within you and all it takes is time , patience and deliberate practice to unlock them.

Let’s all work hard, stick to our programs, and kill it. But remember to celebrate the victories along the way!

– Shawn


  1. Patience, personal achievment and perseverance. We all need these reminders, I know I certainly do!! :)Great post, keep them coming!

  2. “Be patient with yourself and remember to celebrate your little victories when you achieve them”
    This is a great to keep in the back of your head on a daily basis. Not just in fitness, but in everyday life!! Keep it up!!

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